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"Practical people would be more practical if they would take a little more time for dreaming."
J.P. McEvoy

montyb on 2013-02-24 22:16:10 tUwReUDs

montyb on 2013-11-13 08:44:19
Please ignore the above link. It is NOT what I originally intended.

locodad on 2014-05-04 18:50:09
please ignore the above quote 2

LLapp on 2016-05-13 15:53:29
Please ignore this comment as well.

maradnu on 2016-08-10 15:34:15
I know nothing. I see nothing.

tskaggs6 on 2016-10-28 13:03:45
Under penalty of law do not read this post.

LLapp on 2016-11-06 16:12:11
What did I just tell you? These words mean nothing. Move along.

hasselblad on 2017-03-28 08:20:32
That's all there is, folks. Shows over. Off you go.

skeeter on 2017-05-11 08:09:37
I'll take you dreaming:

LLapp on 2017-09-21 19:10:57
Ahhhhhh....Danny Kaye singing me to sleep. So glad I stuck around.

Queethebean on 2017-10-26 08:50:15
But now I must know what Monty originally intended.
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