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Originally Posted by Lurker View Post
Around here, we can read that like it was uncoded...
I don't think I would recognize the whole code that easily. I would still just see the word patterns.

wjhowell89: Making a cryptogram is simple. You first create the code by writing the alphabet and then assigning a unique code letter to each alphabet letter. You could ensure the code letters are unique by writing a second alphabet and crossing off each letter as you assign it. Then, once you have the code alphabet set up, just choose a short passage of writing and rewrite it using the code letters from your code alphabet. (Did I explain that clearly??)

Note: What I described is how you create a cryptogram by hand. If you are asking how to create a cryptogram using a computer program, I have no clue. We solve the puzzles at this site using only our brains, eyes, and fingers. The person who built the site may be able to help you, since he does in fact use software to generate cryptograms for us to solve. You can reach him via the "Questions or Comments" box at the foot of this page.
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