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Default Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017.

This is the first major solar eclipse I've seen since my kids were in single digits. (They are in their 30s now.) Below is a link to a map of the path of the umbra (the shadow of totality). I was just wondering how many of you are in that path or are very close to it. I am not, unfortunately, but I will expect to see about 86% of the sun's face blocked at the height of the event. You can see from the map that Indiana (my state) is completely missed. I live in Fort Wayne (the northeast corner of the state) so you can probably get a rough estimate of coverage of the sun for yourself.

I plan to spend the day with my wife's 4th graders teaching them safe and simple ways to view this event. They won't see another one until spring break of 2024 (4/8/24) and Fort Wayne should be in the umbra! Woo Hoo!! I've never seen a total solar eclipse although I have seen an annular eclipse back in the 1990s.

On a side note, this will be the day before our 36th anniversary and our daughter's 2nd anniversary. My wife is skeptical of my claim that I have arranged for this as an anniversary present to her. I mean really...what says "Love" more than manipulating the laws of nature to provide her such a celestial phenomenon?
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