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Hi! I'm 4pouncers. Can someone explain the weird stats? Obviously, I'm new here and still learning how to deal with different browser quirks, etc.

Since I'm in Honolulu, I wasn't fully aware that October's competition had ended (6:00pm doesn't feel anything like midnight!). It was about 6:20pm when it dawned on me that it was already Nov. 1 EST. So, I stopped playing and saw that my number of games played had reset (i.e. 2 /2). That seemed to make sense as it was the start of a new month/competition.

Thinking that October was "closed" and no longer being tallied (i.e. complete history), I went back to my recent games and solved the 5 that hadn't been solved just to do it. That's when I noticed the wacky numbers.

Is this usual? Does that mean that we can't ever go back and "retry" if the competition has just ended, even though the puzzles still appear in our recent games? How long does it take for the competion to be completely closed, if it ever is? Thanks for any info. Even though my stats are back to "normal", I'm still confused.
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