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Default A Phone-a-Puzzle

Someone posted this on the Logic Puzzles site, and I thought you all would enjoy it. (Credit to geecee.)

See pdf in attached zip file.
In most cryptos, each letter of the alphabet is replaced with a different letter. This one's a bit different. Instead, each letter is replaced with its corresponding number on the telephone keypad. That is:

2 = A, B, C
3 = D, E, F
4 = G, H, I
5 = J, K, L
6 = M, N, O
7 = P, Q, R, S
8 = T, U, V
9 = W, X, Y, Z

The upside: there are only 3 or 4 options for each number. The downside: two numbers with the same value are not necessarily the same letter. For example, CAB would be 222.

I was able to solve it, so it's not too difficult. I think you'll like it. Good luck!
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