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I ain't persecuted - by you or anyone else. I began by expressing a strong opinion about a quote. Amazing how a very few people seem to get hot and bothered about that.

If you follow Christianity, that is fine. Different people have different paths, and if that one suits you - great. I find no need to tear one religion down in order to make my own religion appear better, and I don't feel an entertainment site is the place for "my religion is better than yours" - whatever religion it may be directed against, and I feel that particular quote does that.

There are a few other offensive quotes on this site, including some very sexist quotes that also offend me - even though I ain't of the sex they're directed against. Rather than mention those on this forum, I have contented myself with flagging them as offensive after completing them.

So you just registered to tell people of my ilk what you think of us? How wonderful of you to take time from your unweary life to do so. Since I am indeed getting a bit weary, I'll close by hoping that your life continues to remain as unweary as it has been.

BTW smoochie, it is called replying to comments directed to me - which is a form of dialog or communication. In your case however, since you take some exception to it, I shan't reply to anything more you say.

Actually, I am getting weary of this entire subject. I didn't suspect that a stray rant would get so many people worked up.
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