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Default Classic Comments on the Quote

For years, the players at have been leaving comments on quote solution pages that are often more astute, creative, hilarious, or inspiring than the quotes themselves. Here is a thread where we can save some of our favorite comments and conversations from many years of quote-commenting.


1. Always start with the quote and attribution, for context, and then paste in the comments below the quote.

2. With each comment, include the commenter's name and date/time stamp.

3. Post whatever portion of the thread that you want to include here -- it can be just one comment, or several comments, or the entire thread.

4. Quote individual comments verbatim. Don't edit, change or shorten what people have written.

5. If you post a sequence of comments, it's okay to leave out in-between comments that aren't part of the classic moment. You know, like you can skip the "87 seconds" comment and other mundane or unrelated stuff. (Or go ahead and keep them in, if you feel they contribute to the magic of the thread.)

6. Remember, this is a place to save the wonderful stuff, not the other stuff.

To show you the format, I'll open in my next post with one of my favorite comments from Pootie (who passed away before I joined the site, but whose words delight me).
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