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Default Glitch Fix -- thank you!

This one's probably been here forever... but I never knew.

Yesterday I hit the wrong buttons and managed to cremate two cryptograms within two minutes -- wrecking this month's 100% record (two days so far).

Most months, I play until my cursor freezes or the computer goes haywire... as I have an old XP system loaded with bugs, dial-up modem, and little expertise in technical matters. After cussing a blue streak and going SOMEWHERE ELSE for 40 minutes...

I came back to Log Out and (quite by accident) hit the "Recent Games" button. See... the Crypto God took heed. I never knew about the two-hour window of opportunity to correct computer glitches and other snafu's.

Now -- all's well, back to 100 percent (subject to change, of course, at any moment). But if the computer crashes or my cursor does its freezing trick (wish I knew how to fix that one) -- I will simply reboot and replay.

Thanks, Stephen! Please don't say how long I have not known about this marvelous feature. P.S. Love the recent upgrade -- solving was never so simple... now I am absolutely spoiled for paper-and-pencil puzzles. Here's hoping we never go back.

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