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Default Ann Coulter...

Comparing Ann Coulter to Disraeli is a stretch unto itself.... she makes all sorts of outrageous comments, which I won't deal with here. She does it because it gets her publicity and she sells books. So it is a marketing scheme, and nothing else. There is a difference to be made concerning quotes attributed to a person who lived in the past, and statements which are made to influence people, or to sway opinion. I don't see anything on this site which could be interpretted as being "persuasive" to any particular religion or philosophy. It is just a bunch of quotes from real people, or unattributed sayings. I would say that the only remedy you have about a quote you find to be really offensive is to ask that it be removed. Otherwise, what is the point? We know you are offended. But now what? The remark by Disraeli is just his opinion. So what? It doesn't change anything about what you believe or don't believe. It doesn't change my opinion about anything. I doubt anyone is out there saying to themselves: "Gosh, Disraeli thought Christianity was the fulfillment of Judaism, I think I will become a Christian!" I just can't imagine that happening. When I was first on the site, I ran into a quote, "Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone." It was written as "unattributed". Of course it is from the New Testament. But in the end, what difference does it make? This is only an entertainment site, not a philosphical or religious site. There are several quotes from Thomas Kempis who was a 15th century monk who wrote "The Imitation of Christ". The quotes on this site are from that book. But they are only attirbuted to Thomas Kempis, with no mention that they are from the "Imitation of Christ". So what? I suppose if it were properly referenced, some might find that offensive. One thing: I have run into some quotes that have led me to research various philosophers and authors. And what's up with all the Irish Murdoch quotes? I thought it was Iris Murdoch,

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