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I started doing search word puzzles when I was in junior high. My oldest brother used to give me the puzzles from one of his classes because he didn't like to do them. After high school I bought a lot of word search puzzles. After a while I got bored because they were too easy and would take about a week to finish a book. I tried crossword puzzles but I wasn't good at them. I think I discovered cryptograms in the local paper. I started buying books of them and it was really fun. Every time I went to the store it seemed like there was less books and magazines on cryptograms, I think sodoku puzzles took most of the business.One day I wanted to see if there any cryptograms online so I started looking around and found a few of them. Baron's is without a doubt the best because it has great quotes to solve and a great competition.I have learned to solve cryptograms better than when I started or else my success rate would have been much higher.
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