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So far this month I have only failed to solve once. In the past five months I have failed only three times. But my scores show 61 failures to solve with six this month alone. Why? Because I live in an isolated area with only 2 forms of internet access open to me. The type I have is a DSL phone connection which is very slow and unreliable. The other would be satellite feed which is worse. I would never have thought that a change in weather (even when my phone service is still working) would kick me offline. It does. Often. Sometimes when this happens, the service returns quickly and I can go to 'recent games' and hit 'retry' to finish a puzzle. But other tmes the connection stays down long enough to close this option. Worse still, often when I do get back online, I find that I have been credited with 2 or more failures instead of the 1. Makes no sense but there it is. Besides moving, what can I do? Thank you for any help. Please!!!! P.S. I'm not sure about the weather related thing. May just be coincedental. Jnoodles
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