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Default Lefties!

I was reading thru everyone's posts on this topic. I am a lefty; however, over the years I learned to do many things right-handed. Perhaps I was an oddball because I simply did not like being left-handed? I always hated the fact, and still do, that when I write I end up with ink all over the outside of my hand, which doesn't seem to happen to righties. In addition, no matter what I try, when I write I always end up blocking my light with my own hand. It is very troublesome! I am strictly a rightie when it comes to a mouse because computers didn't even exist back when I completed my conversion to semi-rightie-ness. I have tried left-handed mousing but have no control over the movement whatsoever. When solving cryptograms, I tend to type more with my left hand because I need the right hand for the mouse. Here's an observation of mine that you all may find interesting: my left hand moves much quicker when typing than my right; however, when I played piano, I always found the left-hand movements more problematic. Anyone have any ideas about this?
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