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Default Glitch

Originally Posted by Lurker View Post
Yes, top 50 in points per month to see your ranking in speed/percentage. If you're in the top 100, you'll be on the points chart, which will let you look at your % and speed. Otherwise, check out the "My Scores" tab and click on the "This Month" over your personal stats chart. It won't show rankings, but you can see your time, %, # of games attempted/completed, and accumulated points. (Not in that order.)

Iltquilt, I see you at #66 in the monthly 100. You don't qualify at the moment for the speed & percent competitions, but your stats are in there. Hope that answers your question.
Right, that's what I see, but as I said, I have a 100% success rate this month with about 300 puzzles completed, but I do not see myself on that high scores list. I check "my scores" often and "this month" and "lifetime", as well as the current month's stats. But I am not on the success rate list even though I have a 100% success rate for the month. So, either something else is factoring in (like I haven't completed as many puzzles as others in the list) or there is a glitch. I should be in the top 20 for success rate for the month, but am not. I also have an average time arount 85 seconds for the month, but do not appear on the list of top 50 even though people with slower times appear. Again, what am I missing?
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