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No Country for Old Men and The Road. Two great reads by Cormac McCarthy... neither containing anything that would even come close to resembling generally accepted punctuation. I believe the movie version of No Country won best picture at the Academy Awards, if I'm not mistaken (perhaps it should have been filmed in black and white) So, Pootie... keep doin' what you do. Some cakes just can't be baked the wrong way.

Penelope - I really do hope we haven't heard from you for the final time here on the forum. I think the frustration that so many of the longtimers feel comes from the constant belief that Bansai just can't possibly be that fast. Well... here's how I look at it. Usain Bolt has run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. That is so unbelievably fast that there would be many who might say it is, in fact, not humanly possible. But here in the 3rd millenium, with a TV camera pointed at Mr. Bolt every time he laces up his spikes, it really can't be denied. And therein lies the problem with Bansai. We don't have anything called the Cryptolympics, and there isn't 24 hour a day coverage by NBC Sports. But just because I can't solve quotes as quickly as Bansai doesn't mean he can't do it. He does... and that's a cool thing. Another cool thing is that I don't measure my success here against Bansai's success. If I did, I'd have been long gone long ago. So, peace be with you Penelope, and to you as well Einsmallstein. Both of your comments will always be welcomed here on the forum, but please understand that people's buttons occasionally get pushed... yours, mine, Pootie's, all of us. Life's too short - so stop and solve a few cryptos along the way.
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