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First off, Lurker is right, insulting people isnt a way to get anything solved.
Secondly, we have a lot of people who come in here with can you solve this
posts and usually we end up solving someones school exam or homework
or contest or whatever. How about you solve it?
Show us the solve. Its been almost a week. No one is that interested because
and this is hard to suss out BUT they are busy solving cryptograms in a
And they actually are playing more than two games and solving more than one.

Srsly. Show us the solve.

Finally, you arent 'dealing with' anyone, you are butting into a forum and
being rude and obnoxious. And the people on this site, are not, from
my experience, that conceited that they wouldnt deign to solve something
in a post. Chances are they just cant be bothered and now due to your
complete lack of class and etiquette I suspect they wont solve it.
Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death.

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