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Default yay!!

i'm thrilled to see this!

the first thing i did, after joining this site and seeing those "unbelievable" solve times, was check to see if there were any videos of anyone solving cryptograms (at this site) on youtube---and i couldn't find any. i thought to suggest it, but as a relative newbie, thought it might make me sound distrustful of the "speedies" and didn't want to pi** anyone off!

since then, especially each time i see someone again question speedy solving, i've wondered why no one had posted video of themselves solving, so that there would be an easy way to prove that it's possible.

now, on the other side of the coin, i could certainly post video of how it can take 700 seconds or more to solve one...

(and let me just add that i loooooove this site---thank you all for many hours of enjoyment!)
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