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Default Cheat???

Although it appears that we ALL started playing in 2008, if you look at our stats.... that really isn't true! The truth is that the whole site completely crashed shortly before that time, and EVERYONE was set back to zero. However, MANY of us have been playing a lot longer than that....a fact that ADMIN can verify if you're doubtful. Which means that some players have been playing a LOT more YEARS than it would appear.

Also, as you will notice, my speed time has decreased by a LOT this month....'cause I'm trying like crazy to get to's really much faster to solve just the crypto's that come easily to you, and over time, it becomes easier to recognize the word cadences or the author, or both. That being said, it takes being almost obsessive about playing. Whether you play to compete with just yourself, or with the world, is up to you.

IF... there's a way to cheat, I sure wish someone would clue me in on how it's done! Nah, I don't really mean that.....what would be the fun of playing if it was just EASY????

You youngun's need to be as dedicated as Bansai if you wanna beat him, but that won't be easy! Heck, I've been trying for years, and every great once-in-a-while I manage to get it right faster, but that's a rarity.....and NOT why I play. It's fun when it happens, but I always know that my time won't stand forever.

You need to face the fact that Bansai is just a really smart guy who can "sequence" much faster than most of the world.....and keep on playing to have FUN
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