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I don't know why so many of you are making comments that you wouldn't want to get on Pootie's bad side. I know it was not her intent to do anything but defend Bansai against these new players who think he must be cheating because he has such fast solve times. I thought she showed great restraint in her response. She was neither mean nor rude, just honest. I am sick and tired of these new people who come on and play a couple hundred puzzles with slow solve times and immediately assume that the players with fast times are cheating somehow. What they may not realize is that many of these players who do have fast solve times have been playing for a really long time, years even. I don't by any means consider myself in the same league as Bansai, Lurker, Altoid, or any of the others with fast times, but I do know I have improved my own time considerably since I started playing on this site. My average solve time was probably in the 100+ second range in the beginning, and that was three years ago. It really takes a lot of practice, and you develop the ability to recognize word patterns, as well as what a quote by a specific person might be. Also, you get a second chance as puzzles will come up more than once in the rotation. I have arthritis and am not a fast typist, but even I have on occasion beaten a record held by Bansai, and I can assure you that I don't use multiple computers or have a program that helps me solve faster. Just saying......

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