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Default Also Crazy

Kat and Suzie:

That must be terribly frustrating to work so hard for a 100% solve rate and then have things mess up. I find that I need to check scores after every game. As soon as I forget, at some point I notice that one's been missed without me realizing and I've racked up as much as an hour in unsolved time. A few months ago I had solved all cryptograms for the month and somehow came in at 9th place with a 99.97% solve rate.

You're both terrific players, just don't get discouraged. And speaking about crazy people, I feel crazier than almost everybody because I spend so much more time here than a lot of players. I keep telling my husband that I'm exercising my brain and it's good for my work. Somehow he hasn't bought that one yet. I can't imagine why!

Crazy Laura
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