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1. Name: fiziwig
2. Why you are here: I've always loved cryptograms
3. Random fact(s) about you: retired video game designer
4. Favorite ice-cream flavor: chocolate with chocolate syrup
5. A deep dark secret coded in a cryptogram: BE B FSTE WSA NDMF BF NMU FDIZ BF NSATEZ'F XI UIGYIF MZWQSYI!

I thought I was pretty good at cryptograms till I visited this site!

Holy cow! I solved my first crypto in 185 seconds flat and thought that was pretty good. Then I saw the average was under 90 seconds and the record was 11 seconds.

ELEVEN SECONDS! I couldn't have typed the answer in that fast if I already knew it ahead of time. It was a long one! So some users must have some kind of automated program that solves puzzles for them, right? That puzzle in 11 seconds just isn't humanly possible.

There are a couple things that confuse me about the solving program.

I can't move the cursor with the arrow keys or the backspace key. So if I make a mistake I can't hit backspace to undo it. I have to take my hands off the keyboard and reach for the mouse. (So 11-second guy never makes a mistake, right?)

If I type, say 'S' in two different places it leaves it in both places and doesn't warn me that this has to be wrong. If I type 'S' for 'M', then later I type 'S' for 'G' it seems like it should undo the earlier 'S" for 'M' instead of leaving them both there to confuse me.

I look forward to improving my skills.

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