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admin 08-25-2016 05:53 AM

Crossword Puzzle Testers
Hi again!

Just wanted to put out a quick feeler in case there were any crossword puzzle aficionados here that might be interested in testing 20 brand new puzzles we're about to include in a forthcoming book. Each is in PDF format and will need to be printed and solved with pencil-and-paper. Will need you to send a clear photo/scan of each completed puzzle, along with your feedback on difficulty and any errors or imprecise clues.

Happy to offer a 1-year premium subscription to any site of your choice if all 20 puzzles are completed and emailed back by September 15th.

Just email me at if you're interested - thanks!


Lurker 08-25-2016 11:17 AM

Thanks for giving us more than 10 days this time! I'm on crypto 100. If I still have a brain after this weekend, I might try the crosswords. (Seriously, it's about the puzzles. I keep forgetting there's an incentive.)

admin 08-26-2016 05:15 AM

Thanks Lurker!! :)

wvwoman 08-27-2016 12:54 AM

are they just standard crossword puzzles?
if so, i'm long as they aren't for experts!

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