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LLapp 09-11-2018 06:55 PM

"Self-worth comes from one thing thinking that you are worthy." Wayne Dyer

Lurker on January 3rd, 2011
Ok, who voted for "confusing"?

aerie 09-12-2018 05:13 AM

they got together
"The word aerobics came about when the gym instructors got together and said, "If we're going to charge $10 an hour, we can't call it jumping up and down.""
Rita Rudner

DrCryptell on April 1st, 2018
So then the word "airplane" came about when the pilots got together and said "if we're going to charge $500 a flight we can't call it "winging it."

skyystorm on July 19th, 2018
And the doctors got together and said "If we charge 10k a day, we can't call it practicing."

aerie 09-12-2018 05:44 AM

and lo, a colon has been added
"Censor: a self-appointed snoophound who sticks his nose in other people's business."
Bennett Alfred Cerf

Lurker on January 6th, 2011
Perhaps there should be a colon after Censor?

gryhnd51 on November 25th, 2011
"censor" the VERB means to remove, suppress, delete, to express disapproval of. In this quote, it is NOT being used as a noun, in which case a colon would be required.

kb83 on November 14th, 2014
I vote for noun and a colon.

maradnu on January 29th, 2015
Having a colon is handy. I'd hate to be without one.

montyb on June 19th, 2015
Some censors are intimately acquainted with their own colons.

Roxanne on December 31st, 2015
I bet censor is a noun and the colon is missing. It sounds like Bennett Cerf's style that way, and I doubt he would have urged censoring someone, since he won a big court case against censorship (of James Joyce's Ulysses).

LLapp on May 23rd, 2016
ERROR: Please add a colon after "Censor" per the original quote. To verify: (link)

kb83 on November 30th, 2016
Okay, admin. A group colonoscopy has determined that the patient needs a colon transplant.

oddcouple 09-23-2018 05:21 AM

"I am incandescent with rage at the idea of horoscopes and of crystals and of the nonsense of 'New Age'."
Stephen Fry

skoogie2 on October 9th, 2013
oooh...incandescent rage! Yikes!

maradnu on November 3rd, 2013
Merely petty distractions for those who cannot accept responsibility for their own actions.

msswitch on May 22nd, 2014
crystals are excellent for hurling at the heads of those who doubt their powers

montyb on October 4th, 2014
The only power crystals have is to fascinate me with their symmetries and beauty. You should see my amethyst-lined geode in my classroom.

tgreen517 on January 1st, 2015
unless they are dilitheum chrystals!

Spenser on February 18th, 2015
OMG! The digression of geeky references lets me know I have found a home!

dovid1946 on March 17th, 2015
someone once asked Steve Allen what sign he was born under ' he said ' Rooms to Rent'

LLapp on November 14th, 2017
^That goes right alongside my father's (though I think he was quoting someone) "If I had my life to live over, I'd live over a delicatessen."

abra on December 17th, 2017
I have two Amethyst geodes. Probably much smaller than Monty's. I don't get any spiritual vibes from crystals, but I find them very beautiful.

DrCryptell on April 19th, 2018
I'm neon with the idea of cantaloupe, antelope, microscope, heliotrope., endoscope, and jumping rope. Does any of that nonsense light up our lives?

LLapp 09-23-2018 08:01 PM

Contender for Silliest Wrong Solution
"Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you." — Richard Brinsley Sheridan

locodad on May 15th, 2013
very nice quote

puzzleme on June 20th, 2013

abra on October 25th, 2013

judy100 on August 22nd, 2014
How nice:)

MatthewReynolds on January 8th, 2016
For some reason I was hung up with "I would bite my noses to see you."

abra on May 7th, 2016

wvwoman 09-26-2018 12:22 AM

montyb's comment gave me a good laugh!
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. " Unattributed

Lurker on September 2nd, 2009
Favorite of Dear Abby's. She may have coined it.

bansaisequoia on March 12th, 2010
Gomer Pyle used this one, too.

countessofmontecrypto on January 8th, 2012
W tried to.

montyb on February 5th, 2014
Fool me 3 times, and welcome to Cryptograms.

msswitch on May 28th, 2014
According to the Colonial Williamsburg Journal, a 1786 essay refers to an early, non-English form of the familiar saying 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.' Wrote George Horne, an English divine: 'When a man deceives me once, says the Italian proverb, it is his fault; when twice, it is mine.'

marnita on October 7th, 2016
This one has fooled me more than twice.

maradnu on February 16th, 2018
Fool me three times and boy am I a schmuck

mmfs83 on August 8th, 2018
This one sure fooled me for 356 seconds.

oddcouple 09-27-2018 03:14 AM

"Nature that framed us of four elements, warring within our breasts for regiment, doth teach us all to have aspiring minds. "
Christopher Marlowe

puzzleme on June 6th, 2013
It doth, doth it?

wvwoman on September 10th, 2013
or maybe it dothn't!

JD_1947 on November 9th, 2014
Could doth tell me what the four elements are . . .?

LLapp on May 12th, 2015
Solid, liquid, gas and plasma?

maradnu on September 7th, 2016
Fire, earth, air, and water

BriddlesBob on March 13th, 2017
And who can help aspiring upon seeing a regiment of breasts?

Andy451 on June 19th, 2017
Three nice lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter verse as you will find. Marlowe was a great guy who died way before his time. The novel by Anthony Burgess about him, called A Death in Deptford is a wonderful read.

kb83 on October 31st, 2017
I thought maybe carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

MissKitty on March 9th, 2018
Pizza ,beer .smokes and a Large screen. Kilroy 79

LLapp 10-01-2018 08:23 PM

"The Creator gave man two ears and one mouth; there is a reason why He did so." Thomas Barron

Quizzical on June 4th, 2017
Because food is so hard to hear?

wvwoman 10-02-2018 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by LLapp (Post 8636)
"The Creator gave man two ears and one mouth; there is a reason why He did so." Thomas Barron

Quizzical on June 4th, 2017
Because food is so hard to hear?

now that's a great comment, quizzical!

LLapp 10-02-2018 10:23 PM

"We will move forward, we will move upward, and yes, we will move onward." Dan Quayle

Elephino on August 14th, 2018
It's a new dance craze!

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