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jason 08-11-2008 09:13 PM

call for alpha/beta testers (iphone cryptograms)

I'm collaborating with to develop an iPhone cryptogram application.

The application will provide the same basic online feature set as the website (stats, rankings, etc), as well as an offline component that allows you download cryptogram sets to play when you have no cell/wifi connectivity.

I intend to have an alpha release available Thursday night (8/14/08). The features of the alpha release will be:

* Account setup/creation
* Cryptogram UI
* Requesting a new cryptogram
* Resuming recently unfinished cryptograms
* View cryptogram statistics after completion
* View user statistics


* Offline component
* Fancy graphics
* Trophies/badges/awards/etc.

I'd like to get five users for alpha and beta testing. All this requires is a commitment to actually play the game and tell me all of things you like or don't like, and to also keep logs about when crashes or odd behaviors occur.

In exchange, you'll get a free version of the final product (that you had a direct impact on shaping).

What's required:

* An iphone (1st or 2nd gen) -or- an iPod Touch (game requires wifi); the device must be running OS version 2.0 or later.
* Willingness to promptly load versions/bugfixes as they are released.
* Willingness to communicate with me about the application (likes, dislikes, crashes, etc).

Please contact me at to sign up.

admin 08-11-2008 09:18 PM

Thanks Jason! I just wanted to post a quick note to confirm that Jason is in fact working in collaboration with myself and to create this iPhone application. So far everything I've seen has been quite slick, so if you've got an iPhone and you'd like to continue your cryptogram obsession during those pesky moment when you don't happen to have a PC or laptop in front of you, now's your chance! :)

bansaisequoia 08-12-2008 03:39 AM

Wish I Could Help
Sorry, Jason, but I only have the free Motorola Razr that came with my service. An iPhone is a little too rich for my blood. But if I had one, I'd be your tester in a heartbeat!

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