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puffybob 03-12-2015 09:32 PM

How long has this been going on?
How long has there been a I know the site was re-set in 2008, shortly before I joined, so there are never any comments from before then -- so, when did this actually all start? Do we know who the senior-most member is?

And whatever happened to some of the players on the all-time list? I know we lost Pootie, which was terribly sad. But how about cknapp, the countess, laura, and kat? How about JCarlosCuevas, who apparently hasn't played since 2010, but some of whose records still stand? I hope they're all still out there, but it does make me wonder: are there people who are able to give up cryptogramming cold turkey after logging so many games?

puffybob 03-12-2015 09:45 PM

Oops, I joined in 2010 -- misremembered that.

wvwoman 03-12-2015 10:01 PM

at the bottom of 'my scores' page, it says "Monthly competitions began in February 2007." perhaps that's it?

puffybob 03-13-2015 08:57 AM

Ah, maybe that's right. Anyone out there disagree?

I'm always impressed by the people who joined just a year or two ago but are already climbing up the all-time list. (I'm looking at you, LLapp!) Seems like I have to run just to stay in place to hold my spot in the mid-sixties . . .

LLapp 03-17-2016 10:49 AM

:eek: WHAT? I was not even watching that score. Oh my goodness, I need to get outta here and do some yard work.

Thank you for this intervention!

damsel22 03-17-2016 03:27 PM

How long has this been going on?
I've been here since early 2011. I guess that makes me a relative newbie.

Lurker 03-17-2016 04:40 PM

Puffybob, to answer your question about who the longest members are, I figured out how to look up the order of when new members joined.

Go to your profile page. At the end of the url is a number. That is your order in joining the site. Mine is 9,856, and I joined in 2009. You can replace that number with anything currently in use to find out who joined in that order. #1 is Admin, and 2 is jojo, who apparently hasn't played in years.

LLapp 03-17-2016 05:25 PM

Lurker, that's a neat trick. I see I am #39,963 -- talk about coming late in the birth order. I started in August 2014, and I knew right away that I had found trouble.

gryhnd51 03-17-2016 05:55 PM

Wow...I'm # 13 !!! Now I feel REALLY old.

damsel22 03-18-2016 04:15 AM

I am number 20566, Thanks, Lurker, for this great information.

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