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05-28-2016, 03:09 AM
Who are you people who are offend by these cryptograms? Surely what I've written offends you. Life is a bore with no exercise of the mind and emotion. A cold drink is more rewarding after hard labor and we feel the best companion after visiting strife. Bunch of wimps. Oh mommy mommy my cereal is too cold Waahhh!

06-28-2016, 12:47 PM
Bunch of wimps. Oh mommy mommy my cereal is too cold Waahhh!

I'm tellin' on you, Gino!:eek: :p

06-28-2016, 05:25 PM
So you say remarks can never be offensive?

I don't block offensive quotes and seldom flag anything as being that way.

I am however offended by condoning, espousing, or inflicting cruelty on others.

Ask me if I give a **** what you think.

06-28-2016, 10:03 PM
Gino, just to be clear, when someone gives a quote 1 star in the "Offensive" category, that means they are rating it "Not offensive."

06-30-2016, 07:48 PM
Sorry, I should have looked first. I know better than to reply to a twit who has only done one cryptogram on the site - period. This person is not a player, he is simply a troll.

07-16-2016, 11:14 AM
In Kind

Never said " remarks can never be offensive"
But to find these quotes offensive is absurd. Seems to me, so many want to be offended by everything. It's a sign of weakness, a need to be a victim and demand sympathy.
Just an observation and an opinion of such.
I solve two or three puzzles in the morning with my coffee, I'm unaware of posting my experience here.
God Bless. Oops sorry if this old fashion quote offenders you

07-18-2016, 07:32 AM
Let's play nice.

Personally, I agree with maradnu's first comment. It's not impossible for a quote to be offensive. Just because someone dislikes a quote doesn't mean they don't have good reason to dislike it. Different people have different sensibilities, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

Besides, if you're overly offended by the overly offended, does that make you any less "weak"?

Let's treat others the way we want them to treat us, and we'll find that we can all get along.

07-18-2016, 05:20 PM
Your profile shows only two solved in total, out of seven attempted.

Be that as it may, if someone chooses to flag a quote as offensive, that is their right. Often folks do that because they feel the quote is sacrilegious or cruel or sexual in nature. Some folks don't want to see those and the site tries to accommodate them with this feature.

Not sure why you care. As long as your account is not flagged to skip offensive quotes, it doesn't affect you in the least.

07-19-2016, 08:07 AM
maradnu, It maybe that Gino is playing on this site using Invisible Mode. You find that in your Control Panel under Edit options. I play in that mode because I don't compete. That's why my profile shows zero solves, even though you may frequently see me in the comments section.

07-19-2016, 10:48 AM
okay, I threw the first stone so I'll take what's coming to me. Apparently some explanation is in order.
I'm not offended by the whining of others, annoyed, but not offended. I would not ignore the rights of those who want be offeneded and post the inequities as they see fit. And I too shall have the right to express myself. Again " my observation and opinion" , it seems to me that being offended has become something af a fad. To be offended makes one a victim and victims recieve attention and sympathy. A good crypto playing psychologist listening in would have a diagnosis.
If this site/ game had subject matter that I found offensive I'd simply not partake in the past time.
I'm not offended easily and I think this creates more living in oh...........I don't know, happiness, confidence, strength. Where the hell is thesaurus?
Thanks for listening and please reply I enjoy the banter

08-03-2016, 10:21 PM
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, 1884,The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck, 1939,To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee,Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Dee Brown, 1970, what do they all have in common?

They are wonderful examples of real american literature,(psst i read all except bury my heart i am set to read it this year.) and they all have been banned in their lifetimes,
if you have read it with a peering and literary heart you know that they are really awesome, powerful and beautiful, and unlike vampire love stories or novels of nonsense( although bram stoker's Dracula is a example of real good vampire stories) they have the power of everlasting appeal and of shaping history.

so quotes are not pieces as grand as literature, but this culture of political correctness is a slippery slope, and effect everything in my mind, from literature to quotes, to politics to have a nice day instead of god bless you.

but i believe there is a balance to everything, and i bring this discussion to the point quotes can be offensive,

I have urged the colonization of the Negroes [in Africa], and I shall continue. -Abraham Lincoln

"The only good Indians I ever saw were dead." Philip Sheridan

we as discerning, intelligent individuals should understand these differences.

well, maybe i am being patronizing!;)

god bless you all!!;)

P.S. political correctness cramps my style!;) ;)

08-04-2016, 08:39 AM
and unlike vampire love stories or novels of nonsense


08-04-2016, 08:41 AM
( although bram stoker's Dracula is a example of real good vampire stories)

Ah, now there you go. All is forgiven.

08-04-2016, 06:46 PM
:D :D :D :D Ah, now there you go. All is forgiven.