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10-04-2012, 06:08 PM
I have been having problems with my computer freezing while trying to solve a puzzle. I did some research, and found the culprit. if you are having computer freeze problems, go to tool bar, select manage add ons, and disable adobe shockwave flash object. problem solved. now if I could only find a cure for brain freeze... you will have to turn adobe back on to watch videos, but it is easy enough to do

10-04-2012, 07:21 PM
Mr. Backhoe, there is, as of yet, no cure for brain freeze, just as there is no cure for the common cold. However, just as with the common cold, there are preventive measures which can be taken to avoid contracting this malady. During cold season, one should take plenty of extra citric acid as a dietary supplement. Always try to avoid shaking hands while transacting business, as the hands are breeding grounds for the rhinovirus. Use plenty of tact in thinking of ways to circumvent this. For example, you might say, "Hey, wouldn't it be kewl if we closed this deal with a fist bump?" Preventive ideas such as these can also be used to avoid brain freeze.

1. At the dinner table, switch to pudding for dessert. This limits one from all the varieties of ice cream available, such as "Chunky Monkey," "Phish Food" and "Cherry Garcia," but still leaves old standbys like "Chocolate," "Vanilla" and "Pistachio." And isn't it worth it, to avoid that pulsating headache?

2. Stop chugging Margaritas. Instead, go to a warm Irish Coffee!

3. Avoid any websites with a red Puzzle Baron. Instead, go to innocuous pages on the interwebz with wholesome family entertainment. Waterskiing squirrel and the Numa Numa Song instantly come to mind.



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