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Default Holy glitch!

So I decided to check my scores and noticed that my success rate had gone down since the last time I checked, even though I was positive I hadn't left any puzzles unfinished since then. I went to look at recent games, and there were 26 unsolved puzzles that all said they had been started 3 minutes before!! I had never seen any of them come up though. What gives? Anybody else ever have this happen?
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Default yikes!

yes, i once had over 300 unsolved at exactly the same time! i immediately took screen shots of all the pages and emailed stephen (
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Default same thing here

I'm now in the habit of checking my 'recent games' tab every time I play. Nine chances out of ten there are a few cryptos that I supposedly left unsolved.
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Default Same glitch here

Same for me. All of a sudden I saw my success rate drop precipitously. I went to recent games and found SEVEN unsolved puzzles. Fortunately they were within 5 minutes so I went and solved each of them. My success rate was restored (99.6%) but my time for the month went to hell and my overall average dropped a few tenths. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????
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That is puzzling, especially since I have never (knock on wood) experienced that particular glitch. I have discovered single uncompleted puzzles from time to time, but I have always been able to trace them to inadvertent double clicks of my mouse.
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I'm using a MacBook (2016 version) without a mouse. I changed the settings on my trackpad to the very basic because I was also inadvertently double clicking, probably because I'm technologically challenged. I also never log out. It might be helpful to identify the types of equipment being used by the players who are finding surprise multiple unsolved quotes.
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I'm using a Dell Latitude 3440 (no idea what year) with a wireless mouse. I know in the past I have accidentally double clicked and had one puzzle that I never really saw, but there's no way I could have clicked past 20+ puzzles simultaneously!
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My setup is about the same as what letfreedomring describes -- Macbook, no mouse, trackpad -- though my Macbook is a 2011 model. I have never seen unsolved puzzles in my Recent Games list that I could not account for, and I do check the list at least once daily. I have occasionally had a "double load" -- 2 puzzles loaded in rapid succession -- but that has always been because I accidentally double-tapped on the trackpad.
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