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Default Who is the Baron, really?

OK, with the release of the new quotes I've been breaking records every day. Gives me a taste of what it must be to be like Bansai. I like it! (of course my record times are still a lot slower than his record times).

But seeing the Baron so often made me start to think (that plus the 3rd glass of wine). Who is this guy anyway?

- He was either blessed with perfect teeth or he's got the money to make them perfect.
- He's apparently a pilot or thinks he is (the aviator glasses and wings on his chest)
- Either he has to deal with cold weather (the scarf) or he likes to look "jaunty"
- He needs protection from dangerous elements (the sidearm), or he's an NRA member. Or maybe he just lives in Texas.
- His legs are a little short compared to his torso and he's got a huge head, maybe something congenital?
- How do those boots stay up anyway?
- He's an earth-tone kinda guy.

Anything I missed?
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Default qui est cela

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joseph k, ne'er-do-well extraordinaire
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Default Photo needed

I always thought he looked like Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales.
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jimdgar --
you forgot the arm patch and the jodhpur-like pants...maybe a mounted policeman?! well, whoever he is, i think i'm in love. (but then, i need to get out more!)
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He's obviously a WWI Flying Ace. Perhaps a cartoon version of Baron Manfred von Richthofen.
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Default Let's admire him

Puzzle Baron.jpg

in all his glory
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