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Been lurking for a couple yrs. I have been doing cryptograms for about 15 yrs. I prefer printable cryptos. So many Ice creams, too little time, I'm still looking. My cryptogram is: NBKL CQLBGJ PBVPLQ GZQUAUXQ
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1. Name:

2. Why you are here:
Checking out the best source of Cryptograms on the 'net.

3. Random fact(s) about you:
I do transcriptions, data entry, programming, and paint-by-numbers.

4. Favorite ice-cream flavor:

5. A deep dark secret coded in a cryptogram:


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1. Angela
2. I love puzzles, especially word puzzles.
3. I'm getting married in less than a year!
4. Currently, mint chocolate chip (but that wasn't always the case)
5. M cjwvve kwsp cjh-djwhjh owomjb.
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Name: Eng_Heema

Reason: Some brain excersice
Random Facts: I program in and in the path of body language and all that mentalism stuff
Fav. Ice Cream: Vanilla/Mango
Secret(Well it is not the ultimate dark kept secert ):


Please let me know if someone solves it

Small question please, how is it possible to solve the cryptos. in less than 15 seconds?? There must be something wrong
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Default You study in an engineering college

There's nothing wrong; fast typing, good memories, are the skills needed.
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eng_heema, we all know you go to some sort of engineering school, but you have a crypto which has 5 characters which appear nowhere else in your cryptogram. Can you tell us what those other 5 characters represent? In other words, what do they mean?
joseph k, ne'er-do-well extraordinaire
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Name: Doomspark
Why am I here: Google put me here.
Random fact: I write sonnets
Favorite ice cream flavor: Butter pecan
Understanding does not imply agreement.
Acceptance does not imply agreement.
Disagreement does not imply conflict.
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Default Greetings from Senior Land

OldManDave is my tag.

Did cryptograms at the dinner table with my grandparents when I was a young-in...MANY MANY YEARS AGO

I am retired for the last 5 years... went out when I hit 55 with 36 years on the job...Retired Letter Carrier...and I never went Postal...LOL ...Work out at the gym at least 3 days a week.

Breyers Chocolate...!

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1. Name- James

2. Why you are here- One day I wondered if there was a cool cryptogram website. There was.... and I became addicted.

3. Random fact(s) about you- I've only sported the biker stache twice.

4. Favorite ice-cream flavor- I like cookie dough, coffee, etc., rarely eat it, never drink coffee either, oddly enough.

5. A deep dark secret coded in a cryptogram-

Elzkyezrvmp ky m lfpmgrkh mqkug alr fyuy arzhy qksu grzsgrzs mgh arzvquarzo.

Hint- o=p
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Hi my name is Palma and I go by pevans01
I live in beautiful upstate NY...the Fingerlakes
I am a nurse injured @ work and on disability...and comp since 1998.
I truly miss working.
I love solving these but my times aren't very good as I am a hunt and peck
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