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Angry check it button doesn't work

What happens when there's a glitch after you've solved the puzzle, you click the check it button and nothing happens. The 'check it' doesn't go through, and even though you've solved the don't get credit for it on the scores. Is there a way to get credit for this? Can you submit a screen capture of this puzzle showing you solved it? It's not fair to lose points because of a glitch on one of the buttons.
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Default recent games

near the top right of the screen where you see play faq and scores is also a link to recent games. Wait about 1 minute ( ) and go there. Any unsolved games will be in red, click on it and try again. You can go back up to two hours after your first try, after that you are out of luck.
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thanks so much, it worked!!! I am so happy! thanks again!
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Default Enter button

Try hitting the "Return" instead of clicking on the icon. It shaves several seconds off your time.

Sometimes, it just takes a while for the solve to register. If you're waiting more than ten seconds, that's excessive, but five or less and I wouldn't worry.
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Talking even handed

and even though you've solved the don't get credit for it on the scores is a fair and impartial site. It happens to every one of us. We are all playing with the same disadvantage. If you look back at all the posts in the Forum, you will see that we all are very frustrated sometimes. Just wait until the year 2030. Everything will be cleared up by then. The internet will be superfast, and we'll have no problems with solve time. It's just like back in the '60s when it used to take your television a few minutes to warm up before you could see anything on the screen. Now, you just flick a button, and your satellite TV comes in very clear.

Incidentally, cknapp329, who has more total points than any of us, used to have an avatar of an album cover by Herb Alpert, who was with the Tijuana Brass. Here's a picture of a Herb Alpert album cover from the '60s.

joseph k, ne'er-do-well extraordinaire

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