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Unhappy Windows 8.1 IE 11

Periodically internet explorer closes returning an error. Has anyone seen this problem and is there a solution?
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Have had same problem for about the last one week and it seems to occur only on this site. The message is always that Windows cannot find a solution. I'm in the same boat.
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Unfortunately I just tried to boot up my Windows 8.1 machine to test this out, and the darn thing won't turn on... so I did some google research instead and found a number of support threads with people complaining about IE 11 constantly crashing for them - for example:

For now I would say its probably best to try another browser (Chrome or Firefox generally work best), but I'll try to bug test this if I can ever get my Windows 8.1 machine to power back up.
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Yes, I have had the same persistent problem for about a week now. It's aggravating because when I do get back to the site, another puzzle has loaded and I often forget to complete the first.

Other than that, enjoy the holidays folks!
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." ~ Albert Einstein
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I don't like change and have always been an IE user. I tried Firefox but didn't care for it, and some of the games that I play wouldn't work on Firefox. While I was visiting my family a few weeks ago, I played on their computer which had Google Chrome as their browser. I came home and got rid of IE on my computer and have been using Google Chrome ever since. It seems to load the cryptogram puzzles faster, and I don't have the kinds of problems that I used to have with IE.
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I'm a clod....I use BOTH IE & firefox, sometimes going from one to the other. But I don't have windows 8 and haven' t had any problems with IE.
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