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Default what is going on?

Author Status Puzzle Begun Solve Time Rating
Edgar Allan Poe Completed 117 minutes ago 6531 sec. Average
John Tillotson Completed 117 minutes ago 6601 sec. Easy
Samuel Johnson Completed 1 minutes ago 24 sec. Average

When I logged on today, I had 2 unsolved puzzles. See above. I had not been on the computer this morning at all. I solved them right away.Now it is saying I solved them 117 minutes ago. I am just thankful I caught them in time! I'm wondering where they came from and why it says "completed 117 minutes ago".
Whatever happened, it added over 20 seconds to my solve time.

Well, I just had part of the mystery solved...My other half did it. But why does it say completed 117 minutes ago, and still have 6531 seconds elapsing?

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