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Default Harebell

Well, I was not at all familiar with the harebell.

I'm sure Stephen or whomever, just copied a quote he found, without checking or editing. I do find the "hairball" version on the internet, but then lots of typos crop up there, like references to "Irish" Murdoch. I've complained about that in the past, to little avail.

Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia L.)

Harebell, often called “bluebell”, is a flower found around the world in the Northern Hemisphere but most often, associated with Scotland. Harebell has many common names including bellflower, lady's thimble, witch's thimble, heathbells, fairies’ thimbles, and dead men’s bells.

Harebell grows in a variety of habitats ranging from full sun to shade; dry to moderate moisture; woods, meadows, cliffs, and beaches; in sandy, gravely soil. It can be found at elevations up to 12,000 feet in the Western United States.

Harebell flowers in the summer and fall. Its stem leaves are narrow and grass like, but the basal leaves are rather round, hence the specific name rotundifolia. The narrow, wiry stem averages about a foot tall, while the thin, papery flowers are usually about an inch long. The plant has a milky sap when the stem or leaves are broken. The plants are much hardier than they look.

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