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Originally Posted by sethbest View Post
haah, wow i just feel real dumb now, thx for helping out a crypto newby
No, no need to feel dumb. I just started doing cryptograms myself and find this stuff interesting. When I couldn't figure out a difficult puzzle, I went searching online and found several sites that have these solving programs. Some are better than others.

"Windecrypto" is the best I have found and they offer both a free download version and online version. It uses an English dictionary attack and other tools to come to many possiblities. It displays the best result first. I don't know if I'm allowed to post that, but there goes.

Of course, that takes the fun and brain power out of figuring it out for yourself, but if you see this in another game or elsewhere, it can be a useful tool. If I had stayed up all night to figure that out, I would use that program myself

Happy solving!
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