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Default Up all night, stumped

I was playing "Legends of Murder: Stonedale Castle" an adventure mystery game from 1989, that i found in an old archives folder. I am officialy stumped, with nothing to go on but a jesters cryptogram clues, that me and my buddy have been working on ALL NIGHT, and now that my g/f woke up she told me that such a thing exists as cryptograms and here i find myself, desperately hoping that the experts' here can release me from my torment.

1: "wd mbtt wxe zubsdf, tmbf wxe fbve ndyfz icwxcf"

2: "wxct adze cf b wd e bfz efweu wxe vbxe't axbvleut"

These 2 hints seem to be in the same code since the pieces i keep coming back to are that "wxe" is "the" and i've assembled several fragmented words but whenever i try a new system with the letters it removes half the ones i though I had.

I cannot begin to express how greatful i would be if somone would give me a hand with this, at this point i don't even care about the old game, just this ancient puzzle that I am now hopelessly obsessed with.

Note: Absolutely nothing on google about the name, or the cryptogram in this game, except other people stumped, so it may have never been solved!
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