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Monty, it must have seemed like the worst day of your life at the time! However, it will remain a wonderfully entertaining story for many years to come. Thank goodness you were able to grab some basic clothes on the way out.

The closest I can come to it was the day, almost 30 years ago, when I had to take my cat (Isis) to be euthanized. I wanted to bury her in my garden, so I brought her back home. We were somewhat poorer in those days, and my cat-carrier was basically a big red and white striped box with vents. Needless to say, I had been crying quite a bit. I arrived home and my next-door neighbors were outside. I gathered up my cat-carrier and got out of the car. George immediately realized that I was very upset, but Liz (who is from Scotland) shouted across the street in her heavily burred Scottish accent, "Beth, how good of you to buy Kentucky fried chicken for the whole neighborhood" ...while George was madly trying to shush her! As soon as Liz realized what was actually going she felt terrible. George felt so guilty that he insisted on digging the grave for me.
It wasn't a funny incident at the time, but over the years that story has provided a lot of belly-laughs for my friends and family, and also for theirs!
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