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Default One of THOSE Days...

It all started so innocuously this morning. I had finished a decent workout at the YMCA and had headed for the locker room and a shower. I had just gotten lathered up when the fire alarm sounded followed by an announcement that this was not a test and the please evacuate the building. Fortunately I was able to towel off on my way to my locker and was able to grab my pants and shirt. Everything else stayed behind.

Did I mention I was the only one taking a shower at that time?

The firemen soon arrived and swept the building. Just a malfunctioning sensor. We re-entered the building after receiving the all clear and I proceeded to finish my shower.

But I did learn a valuable lesson today: A towel can only dry one thing per day. It was a pretty uncomfortable drive home.

Anyone else ever have a day like this one?
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