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Originally Posted by mikehallbackhoe View Post
10. flat out got stumped
Mike, don't ever use that excuse when you're speaking with an amputee.

My top ten reasons...

10.) It's 8:00 PM on an October Sunday night. Time for The Walking Dead.
9.) It's my turn to cook dinner and there's no available space on the stovetop surface.
8.) The last encyclopedia salesman rings my doorbell. Oh, wait a minute; I can actually keep playing while he delivers his pitch. I interrupt him by asking, "What's a word that's spelled e_cyclopedia?" He answers, "encyclopedia!" I thank him and close the door. I quickly open the door again and ask, "You don't happen to have any Girl Scout cookies to sell, do you?" He says, "no." I close the door.
7.) The movie at the theater is about to begin and the giant screen flashes a message, "Please silence all cell phones... and to the man in the 8th row, enough with the cryptogram puzzles already!"
6.) "Do you want to finish that cryptogram or do you want to speak to my divorce attorney?"
5.) I balance a dinner plate filled with food in one hand, the laptop in the other... Hmmmm, Eat? Cryptograms? - Eat? Cryptograms? - Eat? Cryptograms?
4.) My neighbor's dog is in my yard again. I throw the laptop at the dog.
3.) I missed the dog, but I hit something in the yard and now I have to clean something really unpleasant off the laptop.
2.) My neighbor walks right by his dog's mess and acts as though he doesn't notice anything. I throw the laptop again - at him.
1.) It's 5 minutes to sun-up.

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