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[i]To me the best games and sports that I ever played were street games where there wasn't many rules you just went along with the game. My favorite sport and play was in a baseball field that finished in a basketball court at the local junior high school. I was playing right field and the batter hits the ball to right center field and I was the closest player to the ball. On that field there wasn't a fence or wall or fence to stop the ball so the ball just kept rolling until it got to the basketball courts. I ran a long way from my position till I got to the ball and had to backhanded the ball so it wouldn't keep on going any further. I had a great throwing arm and I thought I could throw the ball all the way to home plate even though my teamates were yelling to throw them the ball but I didn't throw it to them. I had a little obstacle in front of me though, a basketball net in front of me but instead going around the basket I decided to throw the ball over the backboard and when I threw the ball I miscalculated and hit the backboard and the ball richoted and went backwards. All the guys on both teams fell to the ground laughing. The only regret I had was that nobody had a video camera because I could won some money on Americas"s Funniest Videos, I don"t even Know if the batter scored ever scored on the play. Sometimes we are two serious in this forum so I would love to read your sports or games stories, besides I got a few more to share including that I protested a game
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