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Default Inspired by Barnabas's Movie Thread - Favorite Songs/Albums

The movie thread is great fun! Now how about our musical tastes?

I'm going to start with my top 10 albums, and also my top 10 songs - again, no particular order

1. Steely Dan, The Royal Scam (I could make a whole list of just Steely Dan favorites)
2. Paul Simon, Rhythm of the Saints
3. Sting, Nothing Like the Sun
4. Seal (the first album he released)
5. Mouth Music, Mo-di
6. Gerry Rafferty, City to City
7. Angelique Kidjo, Fifa
8. Peter Gabriel, Shaking the Tree
9. Pink Floyd, The Wall
10. The Cars, Candy-O

Songs (not on the above albums):

1. Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London
2. Steely Dan, Rikki Don't Lose That Number
3. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
4. Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
5. The Cars, Let the Good Times Roll
6. Pharrell, Happy
7. Daft Punk, Get Lucky
8. Goldfish, Fort Knox
9. The Beatles, almost anything, but especially Love Me Do
10. Ozomatli, Magnolia Soul

I don't have many dislikes...but I've never been able to warm up to Bob Dylan or Neil Young. I'm a trained singer, and I find their vocals grating.

Gosh, I feel like I've bared my soul! I'll be interested to see everyone's lists
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