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Default Oscars are Over; What are Your Favorite Movies?

I go to a lot of movies and I like talking about them. So... 3 Questions:1.) What are your favorite 5 movies (or 10 if you like) that you've seen?
1.) The Green Mile
2.) The Godfather - and the 2nd and 3rd movies would be in my top 50 if I were pressed to make such a list.
3.) The Dark Knight - Christian Bale's 2nd appearance as Batman. What can I say? My friends and I read a lot of comic books in the mid to late 60s and early 70s. Of all the Marvel and DC movies made, this one is head and shoulders above the rest.
4.) True Grit - the Jeff Bridges version. Oddly, I've never been a fan of John Wayne.
5.) The Help
6.) Saving Private Ryan
7.) The Sixth Sense - I did not have that ending figured out until the movie spelled it out for me.
8.) Braveheart
9.) Titanic
10.) The Lord of the Rings - It's all one long 9 to 10 hour movie.

2.) Of all of the "Best Pictures" to have been awarded that top honor, what is the "Best" (or favorite) Best Picture that you have seen?
I've already included The Godfather, (best picture of 1972) in my list above and I would have to say that's my favorite best picture. But No Country for Old Men (b.p 2007) is a film I like a great deal as well.

And, what is the "Worst" (or least favorite) Best Picture that you have seen?
American Beauty (best picture of 1999)
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