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I believe it would require that you have a built-in "solving" program on your computer....but it seems to me (barely computer-literate) that using it would require more time??

There is also at least one "speaking" platform out there, where you don't have to TYPE!! There are probably more that I just have no awareness of.

I DO think that speeds have increased w/ the advance of technology and super-fast servers....that will probably continue w/ future advances.

All the more reason to stay focused on WHY we come here to play! It "scratches an itch" or keeps our minds active, or gives us a sense of community, or provides us with a daily challenge. I'm sure there are as many reasons for playing as there are players.

No matter how high up the ranks you go there will always be someone who will eventually replace you!! It's kind of an analogy of life, I think.
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