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it seems there was a big influx of very fast solvers several months ago--i remember commenting on it in the chat room. it was around the same time as the programmer guy got kicked off, which made me a bit suspicious at the time (but i'm sometimes a suspicious sort, once someone has raised questions). it was also just after a time where lots of "guests" were appearing in chat, asking for help solving puzzles--at the time, i was told that that was common at the start of some school classes, for students to look for help here doing their homework--so that probably has nothing to do with anything.

anyway, it just seemed very unusual that there were so many REALLY GOOD players that started around the same time, and i wondered if a whole class (of cheaters, using that same program) had signed up together. i know--crazy thought, huh?
no one else has ever mentioned anything, though, and i still consider myself a relative 'newbie' here, so i try to keep suspicions to myself.

i guess i'll go with coincidence. for now. 'til i hear otherwise. ha!
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