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Originally Posted by universalmom View Post

Speaking of Barnabas...I want to give him a "tip of the hat" for helping me to discover what a wonderful community of solvers you all are... a few weeks ago, to my amazement, I saw that I had a Message! It was from Barnabas, responding to a rather thoughtless comment I had posted about one of the quotes... So, to Barnabas the self-deprecating mortician - and how many of us gasped in delight when we read that post - thank you, I'm very grateful to you.
U-Mom is being too kind. The truth of the matter is I had sent a message to apologize for a hastily posted and not very well constructed comment I had left after solving a quote. U-mom's comment was in no way thoughtless, and I am grateful to her that her reaction to my comment helped me to see how people were interpreting my comment (which was not the way I had intended it to be interpreted). So the thanks rightfully go to U-mom. And if I in any way had a hand in your becoming part of the "social" aspect of this website, well then I'm glad I did. It's fun to see what's on people's minds, and we enjoy your comments, U-mom.

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