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Originally Posted by gryhnd51 View Post
What a wonderful thread!!

Barnabas, I think I met you on vacation in Italy back a few years ago! If it wasn't you, it was certainly another mortician with a great sense of humor. He entertained all of us daily! And our dinners together are still a delightful remembrance! He bought the greatest metro-sexual Italian shoes in Venice...! I've always wondered if he wore them when he got back to the States.
No WAY...can this be true??? (I actually said this aloud in an amazed and envious tone!) Barnabas, please confirm!!

Speaking of Barnabas...I want to give him a "tip of the hat" for helping me to discover what a wonderful community of solvers you all are. Until recently, I was like what Lurker described - just here for the puzzles, nothing more. The most I would do was leave a comment after I'd solved a quote. Then a few weeks ago, to my amazement, I saw that I had a Message! It was from Barnabas, responding to a rather thoughtless comment I had posted about one of the quotes. In corresponding about this post, I became curious and started poking around the threads...I learned of pootie's death...I saw how helpful and supportive you all are, and I was impressed and moved. So, to Barnabas the self-deprecating mortician - and how many of us gasped in delight when we read that post - thank you, I'm very grateful to you.
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