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Originally Posted by wvwoman View Post
oh, man, i am lovin' this--you guys are such fun!

but listen, i'm still not clear on you, fredsevent--originally, i too had read yours as "fred's event"--and now, after reading what you wrote, i wondered if the "seven t" meant you're 70--but looking back, i realize that's not really what you said. so. where'd the "7" and then the "t" come from? (my poor brain needs more clues!)
I was just going to add "random" keystrokes to fred until I had a unique identifier. So, ages ago when creating an email account at AOL (remember how they sent you CDs every other week!) I wanted to be, but it was taken. So, I just hit another key - obviously a 7 - that too was taken. Following the 7 with a t did the trick. Then, after the passing of a few more ages, I was registering at (games). Apparently there was a fred7t already there, so not wanting to really change I changed 7 to seven. Since then, I usually use fredsevent for gaming sites.
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