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Originally Posted by mikehallbackhoe View Post
barnabas, you got it half right, I do indeed run heavy equipment, but I don't even know what a nickleback is. I will admit that I am a guy.
I'm not that disappointed to learn you're not a Nickleback fan. I don't really care for them myself... just happen to know who they are. But I gotta believe you're a music fan of wide-ranging tastes what with the guitar avatar. What's been in my car's CD player of late has been Dave Alvin - Eleven Eleven, a very good album which blends rock, blues, and country about as well as they can be blended. But then, I'm just as apt to playing Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc. as I am... say Little Feat, James McMurtry, Dave Alvin, etc. Ummmmm, what was this thread about again???
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