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Originally Posted by abra View Post
I love the first couple days of the month when the board is so dynamic. You can be in 3rd place and get up for a cup of tea, and come back and be in 12th place. It's only at the beginning of the month that I've ever hopped into first place for a minute or two. It didn't last but it was fun sitting there for a minute.
I recall some months back (can't point to the exact month), but it was midnight {puzzlebaron time} and the monthly clock started anew. I started solving puzzles as fast as I could. I believe it was Gryhnd who was among a few of the others onboard at the time, and no matter how many or how I fast was solving there was just no way I was going to be able to jump into that number 1 spot even for a moment. I just couldn't keep up with someone in her/his league (Gryhnd, I'm not sure why, but even though your avatar shouldn't steer me one direction or the other by simply looking at it, for some reason with me it says Gryhnd is a she not a he. Again, like others here, my apologies if I'm wrong and/or if that offends you in any way. Offense is certainly not intended). But anyway, I don't know if Gryhnd happened to notice what I was trying to accomplish or not, but all of a sudden she/he just quit playing for about 10 minutes, and for a brief period of time there I was at the top of the scoreboard. I eventually quit and went to bed, and the next morning Gryhnd was rightfully at the top. If my interpretation of how I arrived briefly at the top is correct, Gryhnd, and if you actively participated in allowing me my moment... well, I thank you.

As to the viruses, Rochester (MN) seems to have been hit with a nasty cold virus. It gets hold of you and won't let go. After I'd had mine for more than 2 weeks, I started to ask around about how long I should expect to be harboring this thing. The reply was 4 to 5 weeks! Yuck! Anyway, I am now on day 26... still have it, and hoping it'll be gone before I leave for Mexico on the 17th.

Oh, one other thing, with regard to perceptions about names and avatars... Michaellbackhoe, your guitar avatar, combined with your moniker, always makes me think you're a Nickelback fan. And the backhoe part of your name makes me believe you're comfortable working outdoors with heavy machinery. How did I do?

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