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Originally Posted by damsel22 View Post
I also wanted to add that I have tremendous respect for the 100% solvers out there. It blows my mind how you folks do it. My current goal is to improve my own percentage rates, and this month I've lost two full seconds on my current average solving times-and still have only just over 98%. It's apparent that to get 100% or even 99.5, I probably wouldn't even score in the top 20 each month!
Damsel, I have been in the monthly top 20 once - it happened because I was sick with an awful virus and spent several weeks on my living room sofa, doing one cryptogram after another...I'm not very fast, and my percentage isn't nearly as high as yours, but it must have been the sheer number of puzzles I solved that month. So I could easily see you making the top 20!
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