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Originally Posted by abra View Post
You made be blush, Barnabas. Thank you, for the shot to the ego.
You're welcome. And the compliment was sincere. There are close to 19,000 people who have an 'account' with this website, and you're in the top 1% of all solvers, so it should be no surprise to you that there are others who look at your results and think you're pretty good compared to them. We're just climbers on a mountain, looking up at the climbers above us and thinking it would sure be nice if I could climb like them, while the ones under us are looking up at us and thinking the same thing. What I particularly like, though, about the ones at the very top is that they are generally quite gracious about their status, willing to pass along tips to others, and often are willing to be humorous and self-deprecating where their success is concerned (several of Bansai's hilarious photos he posts come to mind, especially the one where there is a couple of hands on a keyboard and each hand has 10 fingers - that was good stuff, Bansai).

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